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Bin Laden Living In Tourist Town When He Was Killed

Photos from The Guardian

With all the jubilation in our nation's capital, Curbed can't help but want to take note of the place where Enemy Number One was hiding out for the past nine or ten months. Bin Laden was living in a 'relatively middle class neighborhood' called Bilaltown in the town of Abottabad about forty-five miles north of Pakistan's capital of Islamabad. Abbottabad, named after the British officer James Abbott who was the town's first deputy commissioner in 1840, is the "City of Schools, City Of Pines, City of Peace" according to one tourist website.

The house was on an approximately 1,000 sq foot compound (278 sq meters) with security walls between 12 and 18 feet high topped with barbed wire. A terrace on the third floor of the house had a seven-foot high privacy wall. The house was about a mile and half from Pakistan's Military Academy, which some sites are referring to as Pakistan's West Point. There were two security gates but no apparent telephone or internet capabilities. Bin Laden was thought to have been residing there since August of last year.

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