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How A Firehouse Became A Luxury Condo Building

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Photos from Hodges and Associates and SORG

You can hardly tell from looking at the before and after interior pictures that this was originally a fire station. Built in 1895 it used to be the scene of three-alarmers and midnight wake-up calls. Now it is a privately owned building housing a set of condos that have just hit the market. A privately owned set of luxury condos, we should say. The high-end features like gourmet kitchens and recessed lighting bring this old building to modern day, but the developers kept several vintage pieces to help it retain a sense of its former existence. A wrought iron staircase, exposed brick, arched windows, and iron fencing are some of the more lovable parts of the remodel. Alas, we couldn't find a fireman's pole to get downstairs when you're in a hurry.

· Engine House [Official Site]

The Firehouse

1341 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, DC