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The identity of two developers affiliated with Jack Johnson have been revealed. Johnson is the former Prince George's County executive who has admitted to extortion and evidence tampering. Throughout the court process a number of guilty pleas by others involved in the case have been sealed and are slowly being unsealed by the judge. Today three more were made public revealing the names of two developers who admitted to crimes related to Johnson's. Patrick Ricker, president of Ricker Brothers, pleaded guilty to tax evasion and conspiracy charges and James Johnson (no relation to Jack), former director of Prince George's Department of Housing and Community Development, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit extortion. The guilty plea of a third party, Dr. Mirza Hussain Baig, who is president of the real estate company Baig Ventures and president of Laurel Lakes Primary Care LLC, was also unsealed. He pleaded guilty to extortion connected to paying bribes to both Jack Johnson and James Johnson.