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Redistricting A Cemetery; Rahm's Renter Moves; New Signs For Mall

CAPITOL HILL—One of the possibilities cropping up in the redistricting discussion is to place a portion of Hill East into Ward 7. Since this includes the Congressional Cemetery members of that community are concerned because this will split the neighborhood and weaken their collective voice. Anyone who is a resident of the neighborhood is encouraged to contact the DC Council Subcommittee on Redistricting as soon as possible to voice their concerns. [Curbed Inbox]

NATIONAL MALL—The Park Service has voted to add 500 more signs to the mall to help lost tourists find their way. New maps are coming too. [WTOP]

CHICAGO—After Rahm Emanuel up and left the District to prove he was a resident of Chicago all eyes were on the guy renting Emanuel's house. Now he has decided to move out, but we don't think he'll be getting the $100,000 payment he requested. [Curbed Chicago]