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This Is Not The Informal Powder Room In Potomac

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Photos from Homevisit

The picture above is of the master bath in this 7 bed, 7/5 bath manse in Potomac, MD. Given the Taj Mahal-like quality of the master bath it is no surprise that the half bath with the marble vanity and gilt-edged mirror is called the informal powder room (see picture two). As if anything could be informal in this $7,500,000 18,000 square foot house built by David Niroo. There's a pool and home theater (of course), but also one of those central vacuum set-ups so the maids and butlers don't have to spend as much time on dusting the knick-knacks. Update: The house has gone under contract after a few pricechops. The final sales price hasn't been released, but the final ask was $6,495,000.

· Listing: 9411 Newbridge Dr [Long and Foster]