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An Artist Walked Into A Bubble...Stop Us If You've Heard This One

Coming at you from the news of the what-the-fuck desk is the item that an artist has taken up residence inside a plastic bubble that happens to be inside the apartment of an art collector. The artist, Agnes Bolt, is spending one week 'playfully exploring the dynamics between artist and art collector' in partnership with Phillipa Hughes, art collector and founder of The Pink Line Project. There are rules and communication systems to structure this experiment and (almost) everything is being documented in their blog Art Is Fear. A commenter on their blog suggested coming up with a drinking game, but that was nixed due to one of the participants being on some sort of cleanse. Anyone out there have any other ideas for how these two can pass the time? Chit chat is apparently not a part of the contract (which they both signed and had notarized).

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