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A Mansion Fixer-Upper Priced To Sell In Baltimore

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A surprise Craigslist find for entry-level investors is waiting in Baltimore. For the price of a studio in D.C. you can have 3,990 square feet of mansion that is already conveniently divided into seven rental units. The grand total for this is only $295,000. So what if 'some asbestos may be present' and 'a complete rehab is needed'. Those are mere details when it comes to the big picture of marble fireplace mantels, hardwood floors, and the original wood frame double-hung windows. What does this place have that so many others don't? Not charm, not character. But potential. This gallery shows some of the nicer pictures of the full set available here. If you click over you'll see why we aren't posting them fully. Let's just say fixer-upper is a generous term.

· Listing: 1629 St Paul Street [Craigslist; Ben Frederick Realty]
· Gallery: 1629 St Paul Street [Ben Frederick Realty]