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Reserve Your Boat Share; Tysons Recognized; Farm In Limbo

SOUTHWEST WATERFRONT—Carefree Boat Club is now accepting applications for the 2011 season, which starts on April 15th. It's a little like having a boat valet in that your boat ahead of time and it is waiting for you upon arrival. But you don't have to keep the boat. See the website for complete membership details. [UrbanDaddy]

TYSONS—The murky strip of land called Tyson's Corners is going to get its very own postal address. So instead of guessing whether or not it is in McLean or Vienna you can now put 'Tyson's' and Mr Postman will know what you are talking about. [WaPo]

WALKERSVILLE, MD—A historic town-owned farm sits and waits while developers, town officials, and buyers wrestle with the details of what to do with the 224 acres of land that no one knows what to do with. [Gazette/Photo by Tom Fedor]

66 Tysons Corner

, Falls Church, VA