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Redskins Owner Rests His Head In Potomac, Maryland

Photo from Virtual Globetrotting

With the recent news that Dan Snyder has moved his lawsuit against the City Paper to the District we thought we would brush up on where he lives. He and his wife purchased this Potomac house, pictured, in 2001 from a trust created for the family of Queen Noor of Jordan for $10M. The main building, out of three, is 13,000 square feet and sits upon a 13.6 acre site. It is this tree-lined property that became the center of controversy when at least 130 trees were cut down and some statements regarding this controversy in the City Paper article are cited in the defamation lawsuit. His lawyer asserts that this was done lawfully and completely above board, but there are some interesting questions regarding how much favoritism he received. Another site reports he also has a thing for spraying for bugs, even if there isn't any evidence of them.

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