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Baltmore's Former Grain Elevator Uses Sin To Entice Buyers

A Baltimore condo building that used to be a grain tower is now appealing to the hedonist in all of us. The new marketing campaign for Silo Point centers around the seven deadly sins that we all know and love. Gluttony is the sin that kicks off the campaign with slogans like 'It's okay to want more. More space and way more style." Units range in price from a little under $300K to $4.2M for the penthouse suite. The building still has a few holdovers from its days as a grain terminal, such as soaring ceilings and columns made to withstand tons of agricultural products, but the luxury factor is pretty high too. A concierge service, a wine club, and room service from the restaurants on the first floor make it easy to accomplish several acts of gluttony per night. Charlie Sheen has not been sighted on the premises. #sinning

· Silo Point [Official Site via BaltimoreSun]

Silo Point

1200 Steuart Street , Baltimore , MD 21230