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A Million-Penny Floor, Ping Pong's Secret Menu, And More!

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar and nightlife blog...

MCPHERSON SQUARE—The Lincoln restaurant opened on Monday in McPherson Square with a design scheme inspired by our nation's 16th president, including a floor composed of one million pennies.

CHINATOWN—Did you know that Ping Pong Dim Sum has a secret menu that rotates each month? Eater reveals details on the April menu.

EVERYWHERE—Eater got a glimpse of life inside an embassy kitchen with an interview of Belgian Embassy chef Jan Van Haute in their new series, Eater in the Embassy.

NEW YORK VIA BLAGDEN ALLEY—Chef RJ Cooper announced that he'll be previewing his forthcoming Rogue 24 for a limited time at a New York pop-up space before it opens in Blagden Alley.