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LA Says No; 90210 Beach House On Market; DC Visitor's Center

LOS ANGELES —McMansions are on the way out as of next month in LA. New laws take effect that will curb the sprawling square footage so people can grow plants in their yard without them dying in the shade of the house next door. [Bloomberg]

HERMOSA BEACH—The beach house from the television classic Beverly Hills, 90210 is on the market for $9m. Note, the house is not in the 90210 zip code. [Zillow via CN]

DISTRICT—The Carnegie building in Mount Vernon Square might become a visitor's center for DC. Its location across from the Convention Center is considered ideal and plans call for the current occupants, The Historical Society, to occupy the upper floors while the visitor's center takes up the first floor. [WaPo]

Dc Visitors Center

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW , Washington, DC 20004,