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Dumbarton Gets Respect; Falls Church Wins; Cell Towers On Churches

DUMBARTON OAKS—A local escape from the city's hustle and bustle recently had another fifteen minutes in the spotlight. The Wall Street Journal's profiled its pavilion designed by Philip Johnson and gave it the props it deserves. [WSJ]

FALLS CHURCH—Forbes is reporting on the richest counties in the country and five of the top ten are in our area—Howard County in Maryland and four in Northern Virginia, including Falls Church City that tops the list. [Forbes]

PALO ALTO—A NIMBY fight moves to the churches. AT&T is seeking approval to build a fifty foot cell phone tower on top of a church, but the architectural review board is temporarily holding things up due to aesthetics. [Palo Alto Patch]

Dumbarton Oaks Gardens

1703 32nd Street, Washington, DC 20007 202 339 6409