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Kastles Owner Swears He Is A Good Neighbor

We recently reported the plans for a new stadium for the Washington Kastles—D.C.'s team tennis group—but it seems there's some neighborhood scuttlebutt about their owner, Mark Ein. He is a private equity venture capitalist success story and owner of the Beall-Washington House in Georgetown but doesn't actually live there and isn't around to keep it in tip-top shape. He purchased the $8M-ish house after the former owner—Katherine Graham of Washington Post fame—passed away and has hosted a few parties here and there (none as exclusive as a Katherine Graham party, of course) but not much else. That is where the trouble begins...

According to the blogger over at Georgetown Metropolitan the exterior of the building is "rotting away" and he hears that the interior is also in bad shape. It didn't help neighborly relations when the lot was illegally sub-divided either, but everything came to a head last winter when Mother Nature graced us with all that snow. The driveway of Beall-Washington had a nicely shoveled driveway, but the sidewalk out front was still piled high with the white stuff (compare Photo 2 with Photo 3, detectives). To Ein's credit, once a local blogger called him on it the sidewalks were cleared by that evening. Photos from GM

· Mark Ein Is A Terrible Steward of Beall-Washington [GM]