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An Unlikely Piece Of Property In Dupont Circle

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Well here is something you don't see every day: a foreclosure fixer-upper in Dupont Circle (or maybe Kalorama, depending on your point of view). That's right, folks. It is both a rundown million dollar house and a bank owned million dollar house. Two for one, right here in Kalorama (or Dupont, depending). The asking price is $1.366M, which is no doubt a good deal lower than what a nine bedroom, four bath pad would normally cost around there (especially given the added value of being able to sublet it out as several different units). Plus, check out all the funky angles of the walls that give the place a whole lot of character. UrbanTurf did some detective work and was told the renovations would probably cost around $200,000 so that puts it in the $1.5M territory—not too shabby an investment for anyone who isn't afraid of a little general contracting. Photos from MRIS

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