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Pricespotter: French Provincial Manor In Mclean, Va

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Last week we brought you news of a major pricechop that finally resulted in a sale out in Mclean, so we figured we would keep our Pricespotter guessing game in the same neck of the woods. This lovely French Provincial is just asking for you to guess its pricetag. It is a seven bedroom mini-palace with eight full baths and another three half baths thrown in for good measure. Don't forget the basement spa, cinema, or game room when coming up with an asking price for this one (or the four fireplaces spread throughout the house). The exterior clues to guide you are the koi pond, a balcony off of the master bedroom, and the four car garage. Leave your guess in the comments and we'll reveal the price later in the week. All you cheaters out there can just move along. Leave this to the people who play fair.