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Breaking: Washington Kastles Announce Stadium Plans for SW

Now that construction is imminent on the old Convention Center site the Washington Kastles need a new home. Who are the Washington Kastles, you ask? Why, they are the local group playing in the World Team Tennis association. What is World Team Tennis, you ask? Well...picture your basic genteel doubles tennis game and add attitude. The players talk back to the spectators, the ump, the other teammates on the sidelines, and anyone else who gets in the way of their game. There is music between points and it is loud. Their three-summer existence as pop-up tennis court on the old Convention Center parking lot certainly gelled nicely with the gritty, urban vibe they so love to bring, but it was high time they found a real home.

Owner Mark Ein scouted properties in every corner of the city, and eventually settled on jumping on board the Southwest Waterfront Revitalization Project. This 3,000 seat tennis stadium will be where the likes of Serena and Venus Williams, John McEnroe, and Anna Kournikova come this July to entertain the crowds and play a little tennis too. An undertaking of this size is, not surprisngly, a joint venture, so developers PN Hoffman and MadisonMarquette are also on board to Bring Kastles Stadium At The Wharf to reality before the summer season begins.

· Kastles Plan To Relocate To Southwest Waterfront [WaPo]

Southwest Waterfront

600 Water Street SW, Washington, DC 20024

Washington Kastles Stadium

800 Water Street, SW, Washington, DC