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Bethesda: Robert Gurney's Latest Addition To Contemporary Style

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Photos from Sotheby's

Update: Thanks to the eagle-eye commenter who cleared up the mystery of why two photos allegedly of the same house look so different, we've now updated the post. A phone call into the real estate agency tells us that the photo for the house they are listing is the rendering above and the rest of the photos on that listing page are other examples of the architect's work. Thus, the post (and title) have been changed to reflect this newfound knowledge. Thanks commenter!

Here's a contemporary build that is nearly complete by famed architect Robert Gurney (who was recently awarded the 2011 Hall of Fame Architect Award by Home and Design). The $6.9 million price tag might seem a bit excessive, but not when you find out it has 10,00 square feet, an elevator, a wine cellar and a five car garage. Another perk is the built-in grotto, but sadly neither Hugh Hefner nor his playmates come included in the package. The only other drawback is having to learn how to spell the name of the street the house is on.

· Listing: 24 Wissioming Court [Sotheby's]
· Designer's Choice Awards [Home and Design]