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Ted Leonsis' New Digs Equals A Huge Price Jump

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Photos from Business Insider

In February we reported that Ted Leonsis traded his Mclean manse for an estate in Potomac, MD called Marwood, but we didn't know the financials behind the transaction. Now Washingtonian has found out the facts and figures and published them in their April print edition. The guy he did the trade with, Chris Rogers, definitely got the better end of the deal since he made about a fifteen million dollar profit by unloading Marwood. In 2005 Washingtonian reported that Rogers bought the 10-bedroom, 13-bath estate for $4.91 million and now they are reporting that Leonsis bought it for $20 million (no online link available at present). It had been recently valued at $8 million, according to Business Insider, but the Rogers family must have done some sprucing up. Click the gallery to see all fourteen photos.

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