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Welcome to Curbed DC—Neighborhoods, Real Estate, More!

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The scaffolding is down. The paint is dry. Curbed DC is ready for liftoff. (Please excuse the dust.)

Curbed DC joins the growing list of cities covered by the Curbed Network, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. Brightwood resident Amy Rose Dobson (yours truly) is at the desk and on the streets in search of the next great nugget about what's happening under and above ground in our nation's capital. Be it neighborhood news, real estate porn, architectural renderings, or bulletins that start with the letters ANC—it's on Curbed's radar. But the fun starts with you, dear reader, and all the local info that you know before anybody else. Tell us about that For Sale sign that snuck up overnight or the guy going door to door selling meat out of the back of his truck without a permit. We'll keep your identity a secret, but get the details out there so they see the light of day. If you've got news, scoops, tips, questions, rumors or rants, don't be shy about contacting us at

Today is also the day our sister site Eater DC shows its face to the world as well. Head over for the full daily scoop on restaurants, nightlife, and bars around town. And, get this, the editor at Eater DC is one Ms. Amy McKeever so we'll be bringing as many puns about a certain pizza place into the mix as we can. Until then, let the hard hats reign and the power tools roar.