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A Georgetown Row House For Under A Million. How Can That Be?

Here's a sneaky listing for anyone wanting to get into the Georgetown real estate market but doesn't quite have the cash. An unassuming row house on unassuming 29th Street has hit the market for, wait for it, $999,000. (So, that answers the question about how to find a g-town row house for less than seven figures). This has been the headquarters for a boutique publishing firm specializing in Persian literature printed in English and, boy, do they have the bookshelves to prove it. Not only do you get 1,300 square feet of an entry-level Georgetown residence, you might never have to go to IKEA again. You'll also get two precious parking spaces, which are almost as rare as Persian literature printed in English in this town. Photos from Washington Fine Properties

· Listing: 1032 29th Street [Washington Fine Properties]
· Mage Publishing [official site]