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See Inside Evermay Before Another Likely Price Chop

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Evermay has been on the market for a few years now and even with price chops down to $29M it still hasn't found a buyer. This ultra-luxurious private estate is just waiting for the right person to come along, but in the meantime we can take a virtual tour narrated by the current owner. You can also click on over to our cousins over at Curbed National who profiled the estate on the House Of The Day feature a while back. We can't help but wonder if the fruit from the Orangerie ever tasted any good.

UPDATE: The Youtube Video we posted at first didn't seem to be loading properly on some of our sites, so we have taken it down and provided the link instead.

· Listing: 1623 28th St [Long and Foster; Christie's]
· Georgetown's Evermay Was Almost Nevermore [Curbed National]


1623 28th Street NW, Washington , DC 20007