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Survive Armageddon Underground And In Style

Software engineer Larry Hall is diversifying his portfolio and investing in a decommissioned missile base in Kansas that he plans to turn into luxury survival condos. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it basically means a fancy underground bunker that is built to withstand all the usual ways Armageddon can screw up your day. As the rendering at right shows it isn't going to be an austere existence—there's a pool, theater, and a minor surgery center to name just a few of the amenities.

Prices start at $900,000 for a half-floor condo and $1,750,000 for a full-floor unit. The full-floor unit comes with a five year food supply, so that might be a better deal. But there is a hydroponic garden and aquaculture center available to residents who want to grow their own food. Naturally these condos are outfitted with high-end appliances and fixtures (GE and Kohler, for example) so condo owners can ride out the end of the world in style. According to an interview with Wired magazine, three of the seven residential floors are already reserved.

Photos from Survival Condo

Here is the top of the unit, the only part visible above ground:

What the cap looks like inside:

One of the amenities:

Another one of the amenities:

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