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Where In The World Is Dick Cheney? McLean, of course.

With the news that HBO is going to develop a mini-series based Dick Cheney, we thought we would see where the ol' guy lives. Turns out he is a stone's throw from the CIA and at one point was regularly seen ordering skim lattes from the local McLean Starbucks. He's just across the street from Colin Powell and a few traffic lights away from where several political representatives to the Middle East keep their U.S. residence. It shouldn't be too big a surprise he and his wife built a house here since he lived in McLean before he moved to all his undisclosed locations during the Vice Presidency. Interestingly, he is about as far away as he can get from Scooter Libby's house and still be in the same town. (Okay, not really, but we're guessing they don't hang too much).

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