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Eckington Realizes Even The Cool People Need A Place To Sleep

Now that Yelp has officially taken on hipster as an ambiance category it seems other people want to get in on the action. Condo sellers are the latest to jump on the brand bandwagon by using the same buzzword to advertise their property's cool floor plans and even cooler neighborhood hang-outs. Could be a good marketing tool since categories like Victorian or Federal Style are immediate turn-offs to anyone with a low-slung bag and a latte. Though, there's always the chance that it might backfire since identifying oneself as a hipster is cause for immediate dismissal from ranks. There is the one thing we can learn from all this though. Apparently hipsters don't like color.

· Listing: 2 S Street SE [Urban Land]
· Yelp Officially Recognizes 'Hipster' As An Ambiance [-EN-]