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PriceChopper: Jehovah's Witnesses Building On Arizona Avenue

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When the Jehovah's Witnesses start selling off property you know that times must be tough. Not only that, this property has just suffered its second price chop of $250,000. That brings the price down to an even $2 million for this two bedroom, 1920s house in the Palisades. What the Witnesses got up to in those two bedrooms, we may never know, but since this place comes with its own handy lecture hall and wall-to-wall carpeting (of the gray, noise-abatement variety) we're sure this place will be snatched right up. Besides, where else can you find one bathroom with three sinks?

· Listing: 2950 Arizona Ave [Century 21]

Jehovah's Witnesses Building

2950 Arizona Ave, Washington, DC