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Gaslight Square Part II: Designing Around Abdo's Signature Piece

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Here is part two of our conversation with Jim Abdo about his next big project in Clarendon called Gaslight Square. We first learned about the big picture for the design of the building, but here he gives us more details about the decor and plans for the final product. This is one of the first new luxury condo developments since the housing bubble burst and sales are going strong. Check out the floor plans for all the details.

What was the inspiration for the look of the building?
We wanted to create something that had an 'old London' feel. We are right in between the buildings we built next door which have a warehouse loft feel and the townhouses on the other side of us. We needed something that was a hybrid. We have three separate buildings, but there is no vehicular access in the space between them so it feels more residential. Plus we have the open-flame gaslights, which has almost become our signature piece. I love them so much I even have them on the house I live in with my wife and kids. The punched window openings add another level of charm to the look of the place.

How is this different from other condo projects?
All of these units have a private outdoor space, whether it is a patio, a balcony, or a rooftop. The other plus is that every single unit has natural light coming through from the front all the way to the back. Owners own the floor all the way through. That is unheard of for a condo! All the units have at least one private parking space directly in front of the unit or the elevator that opens directly into their unit.

How did you make that possible?
One way was to put the elevators right in the middle of each building and get rid of the hallways. That makes the building more efficient because we don't have all that extra space to heat and provide lighting for. We also don't have a swimming pool or gym because all those amenities are right there in the community. That keeps the monthly condo fee low and we've found that owners like that because they want to spend more on their own homes. This gives the purchaser more buying power.

You said earlier you had about twenty-seven penthouse units. tell us about them.
It is a four story building, but the top floors are double level. These penthouse units have an interior stairway up to the landing where the master bedroom is. You can look out from the landing down into the entrance way and living room. They start at $1.3M, but the average price for this property is around $800,000. The flats start at $695,000.

· Abdo Developers [Official Site]

Gaslight Square

Clarendon Boulevard , Arlington, VA 22209