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Here's One Way To (Try) To Sell A House In A Recession

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Even though one of our recent posts mentions the light at the end of the gloomy real estate tunnel, some owners are still bootstrapping their own way through the market. For anyone thinking of doing a for sale by owner approach, here's an example of how to go at with gusto. First rule of selling on your own: make your pictures pop. This seller took that advice to heart and made the house work it for camera angles and lighting. It helps that the house is designed by the same team who worked on restorations at the Dumbarton House and obviously knows how to make the most out of tight corners.

Next, overload the website with information. Every tiny detail about the house and neighborhood helps get the attention of the busy and overworked crowd because they don't have to think. What are the schools? The restaurants? The walk score?

But all of the above is just the basics. You still need to kick it up a notch and tell a good story about the house. People have all sorts of emotions wrapped up into where they lay their head at night and even if they walk away from a showing with all the facts and figures laid out before them, they still need something that makes them feel like the house is a home. Bring on the backstory! Who lived there, who died there. Give the people some things to chew on while they run the numbers.

· Listing: 17 4th Street [By Owner]
· Listing: 17 4th Street NE [official site]