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Chris Cooley Already Has A Real Estate Agent, Thank You Very Much

What did you do last weekend? Bet it wasn't as fun as answering a thousand pieces of fan mail, but that's what everybody's favorite tight end Chris Cooley got up to. He updated his blog last week to let all those fans know their signed pictures were finally on their way to them. And just to show what a nice guy he is he threw in for the extra postage since the price of stamps has gone up since most of those fans sent in their self-addressed, stamped envelopes. He sincerely regrets all the weddings he was invited to but wasn't able to attend and for your own sake asks that you not invite him to go bass fishing. Apparently he is a bad luck charm. But as for real estate agents, he has a special message for you to.

Seems like real estate agents must have sent him a bunch of those glossy listings over the past two years since he mentions them specifically. Here's what he has to say to them:

- To all Real Estate agents. First of all I have an agent, she's awesome. I also have about four houses in the area. No chance am I going to buy the 7.5 million dollar house in your brochure, or any house for that matter. Real estate goes straight into the trash - I'm pretty sure and by pretty sure I mean 99.9% that no house will be sold through a mail in brochure to Redskins Park. So there you have it, agents everywhere. Save the postage on sending mail to Redskins Park. The same is probably true for the Nationals, Capitals, and Wizards too.

· Chris Cooley [official blog]