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Designing For Themselves Turned Into Designing For Charity

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Here's a couple of designers who love their day job so much they decided to take it home with them. Skip and Debbie Singleton bought a house built in 1892 and proceeded to restore the building to its former glory. Little did they know they would end up helping children in need. As they replaced the Jefferson windows, built a stone reinforcement wall, and researched the right type of pool to fit with the style of the house they met many kindred spirits in the design world. At one point during the design process they also attended a benefit for a family friend whose child was scheduled to undergo brain surgery. They were so inspired by the presentation that they decided there must be a way to join forces with the people working on their home to help more patients at Children's National Medical Center. Thus, the D.C. Design House was born. Now in its third year, this tradition of bringing in a few dozen designers to completely transform a luxury house and sell tickets to the public continues to raise money for Children's and inspire designers all over the area. This year's design house is a $4.9 million Tudor style mansion in Forest Hills and was originally built in 1925 for Charles Woodward, of the Woodward & Lothrop department store chain. The house opens to the public on April 9th, but you can still follow the action of their Facebook page.

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D.C. Design House