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Swedish Designers Bring Sleek To Town

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Seventeen Swedish female designers have their work on display at the House of Sweden until March 20th and it goes way beyond anything sitting on the shelves at IKEA—even though some of them are designers for IKEA. Forget the square and boxy look, though, because curves abound. The coat rack, for example, was inspired by the way dandelion roots curl in water (said designer Nina Jobs). Then there's that lamp stand which seems to defy gravity, the svelte vases, and the floor light that might have been influenced by snowflakes (we're not sure). All seventeen of these award-winning designers hosted exhibits early in their careers at the same gallery and are all profiled in a book curated by the gallery owner, Pascale Cottard-Olsson. This exhibit is a part of a nationwide tour promoting the book and the artistry behind Swedish design. Photos by Dakota Fine for Embassy of Sweden

· Seventeen Swedish Designers [official site]

House of Sweden

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