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Pricespotter: A House Only Ronald McDonald Could Love

For the next installment in our game of guess the price tag we take a trip two hours south. From what we can tell this place has no affiliation with McDonalds, but it sure seems that way from the outside. Don't hold the ketchup and mustard paint job against the place though, because the price is so low it is a steal no matter what the colors are. You get over 6,000 square feet in the main house, a guest house (with full kitchen), a swimming pool, and more hardwood pine floors than you've ever seen in one place. Check out the twenty pictures in the gallery to capture all the glory and see if you can tell which parts of the house were built in the 1700s versus the 1800s (but not the 1900s,that would be too easy). Leave your guess in the comments and we'll reveal the price tomorrow.