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Georgetown's Federal Style Evermay On Market

So what if the monthly rent costs about the same as a full year of private college. You get to live in a piece of history instead of sitting around studying it in books. Yes, one of D.C.'s favorite Federal mansions is on the market again. This time around, you get to choose. Either rent it for $28,000 per month or buy it outright for $29.5 million. With three fountains on the grounds you can reconstruct them each to carry your favorite alcoholic beverage (kind of like Henry the VIII did when he wasn't beheading his wives). Which, let's face it, is a way better party trick than a beer funnel.
· Georgetown Federal Mansion For Rent [Georgetown Dish]


1623 28th Street NW, Washington , DC 20007


1623 28th Street NW, Washington D.C.