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Artists Will Have A Place To Call Home In Brookland

Artists may soon have a place to call home that they can actually afford. The Brookland Artspace Loft is now accepting applications for the soon-to-be-completed project on 8th Street that will give bonafide artists a break on the rent just by virtue of the fact that they are creative types. They can't be rolling in dough, however, since there are various income requirements but it promises to be a brand new hotbed of creativity in this lawyer-heavy nation's capital of ours. Apparently its doorways will be extra-wide to accommodate moving large canvases, and the building of forty-one lofts will have a dance studio, a green roof, and residents will be able to hang their art in the hallways.

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Brookland Artspace Lofts

3225 8th St. NE , Washington , D.C.