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Pool Takes Precedence Over 100 Year-Old Arlington House

A private swim club in Arlington has voted to tear down the century old house that sits on its property. Preservationists and realists are on both sides of the argument, but when sixty people showed up at the vote and only four voted to keep the house things aren't looking good for the preservationists. Currently the building is used as headquarters for the club and the plan is to build a better space to serve the club's needs, as well as replace the main pool and deck. Upkeep costs and the fact that an old farmhouse doesn't really cut it as a makeshift pool house are reasons behind the move to demo the existing structure. Bet the farmers didn't see that coming back in 1820.

· Preservationists Mourn Pending Demolition [TBD]

Febrey-Kincheloe House

6030 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA