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Yes, This Is Someone's Expensive House In Rock Creek

This thing that looks like the side of a ship that may have run aground during the revolutionary war? Yep, that is a multi-million dollar mansion now up for grabs. Don't be fooled by the above picture which shows the only part visible from driving by on the street. Step through the doors and you have a nearly 200 degree glass-enclosed view of Rock Creek. The unusual features don't stop there, folks. The house is built on the side of a cliff so its structural support is, get this, above ground steel cables and rods that have been drilled into the ground below. All this, and the prestige of saying your architect was Travis Price, can be yours for 3.45 million.
· Travis Price's Unique Rock Creek Park Residence [Sotheby's]

Rock Creek Park

Beach Drive NW, Washington, DC 20015 Visit Website