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Art Imitates Life At Hirshorn, But Only Temporarily

Who says Washingtonians live in a bubble? Perhaps the New York design team of Diller Scofido and Renfro thinks so since they have designed a real-life bubble for us to call our own two months out of the year. Their award-winning temporary installation of an inflatable membrane will create a 2,000 square foot space to house more art and hold public events. Organizers say it will be up for one month each fall and spring and, "its presence underscores a paradigm shift at the Hirshhorn: The museum is growing in importance as a place for dialogue and education extending beyond the traditional art world." The fact that the existing building is jutting into the bubble might be symbolism too. Mortgage pressures weighing us down? Nah, must be The Man interpreted in concrete and granite.

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