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Zoning Changes Sought For Florida Rock Site; CoHi Reno Plans

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS—The developers that just can't quit have now acquired a 21-unit apartment building at 1346 Park Road NW. United Investment Partners plan to completely renovate the whole building as well as add another seven units to bring the total to 28. [previously; Examiner]

NATIONALS PARK—The owners of the site just south of the baseball park (called Florida's Rock) are going back to the zoning board for a slew of changes, including turning the proposed office building into a residential one. [JDLand]

NEW YORK—The townhouse from Breakfast At Tiffany's is for sale for $5.85M. The current owner bought it for $1.88 million in 2000 (he's also slightly infamous for his connections to the Martha Stewart insider trading case). [NYT]