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Apartments For Hill East; Another Cady's Alley For M Street?

HILL EAST—The 141-unit apartment planned for East Capitol Street near RFK began construction recently. It is a joint venture between Tritec Development and JBG and plans to deliver in April of 2013. [DCMud]

DISTRICT—Tomorrow Mayor Vince Gray will announce 'the first municipal 100-gigabit network in the nation' at the biweekly press briefing with District Chief Technology Officer Rob Mancini and others. [CurbedInbox/Facebook]

GEORGETOWN—Eastbanc has plans for the space behind the Coach store on M Street that involve adding a mezzanine level and rear access to the building. This is part of their goal to create a space similar to Cady's Alley behind the stretch of stores on this block. Click over for renderings of what it will look like. [Patch]

Cady's Alley

Cady's Alley, Washington D.C., Visit Website