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Best Videos Of 2011: Whole Foods Rap; A Hipster History; More!

Who can forget the history of hipsters narrated by puppets? Or the white boy rap decrying the parking situation at a Whole Foods? We pulled together some of the most popular videos from the past year and put them all after the jump. The Walmart Flashmob singing Aretha Franklin's Respect and an anime summary of how greedy we must be in Washington are the other two.

· Washington, DC incomes highest as poverty gap widens [YouTube]

Video from Fog and Smog

· Its Getting Real In The Whole Foods Parking Lot [Fog and Smog via Curbed LA]

· Evolution Of The Hipster [GloveandBoots/YouTube]

· Walmart Respect DC Flash Mob [YouTube via NBC]
· Respect DC [Official Site]