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Cathedral Commons Wins; Post Offices Are Choice Properties

DMV—The shuttering post offices are catching the the eye of developers everywhere, even ones that aren't officially closing down...yet. [WaPo]

WISCONSIN AVE—The Cathedral Commons proposal has the go ahead to start work now that the DC Court of Appeals ruled that the concerns brought by the neighborhood coalition regarding density issues did not apply to this case. [previously; CityPaper]

MARYLAND—The millions of pounds of chicken poop produced by Maryland's poultry population will soon be used to power the electricity for a local prison. The machinery expected to do all this should be up and running by 2013. [WAMU]

GEORGETOWN—The beloved Scheele's store at the corner of Dumbarton and 29th will stick around for a while. The new owner of the building has agreed to let the store's managers (the Lees who have been there for about twenty years) stay on with a ten year lease on terms that they requested. [CurbedInbox]

Scheele's Market

1331 29th Street NW, Washington D.C., DC