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Christmas Comes Early For This Week's Under 300 Club

In the market for some new digs, but don't have a sky-high budget? Join the club — The Under 300K Club.

Beds: 3
Baths: 1.5
These must be a prior year's photos because it looks like there is snow on the ground. Either that or Santa's little overachievers used fake snow to get the party started early. This Riggs Park house has obviously had some interior upgrades and the price is an even $300,000 (requiring a slight bend of our Under 300K club rules) so there is plenty to like about this listing. But c'mon...Christmas decorations in a listing photo? The lead listing photo, no less. To add insult to injury the house entered the market the weekend after Thanksgiving, meaning it was still November when we saw this. Have you no shame, Sellers?

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