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Here's A Few Out Of Town Holiday Rentals Just For Fun

In honor of Renters Week all the Curbed cities decided to look at what you can rent an hour or two outside of town for those that want to escape to, say, a Civil War log home or a fisherman's paradise. We've rounded up five that look interesting and they all sleep four or more people. So bring the whole family or a few extra friends when you want to get away from the city, but not the people you actually like.

Run with the wild horses on Chincoteague Island—or, if you can't keep up with them, just sit back on the private dock and check on the crab pots every few hours. Prices start at $1,829/week during the off-season.

· Listing: Luxury on Water! [VRBO]

Who doesn't want to tell people they're going to Damascus for vacation? In this case, we're talking Damascus, Virginia so you'll be able to save a ton on airfare. This is a four bedroom, 2 bath, plus a sleeping porch if you don't mind a little cold air this time of year. It'll cost ya $1,100 per week.

· Listing: Appalachian Trail at Your Door [VRBO]

History buffs will love this rental since it looks out onto Antietam battlefield in Western, Maryland. The lovely cottage sleeps four and there's parking for your RV (so you can have even more people stay on the property). Price: $650 per week.

· The Lookout [VRBO]

Another one for fans of Ken Burns documentaries, this one dates back to 1856. The owners have done some upgrades which detract from the authenticity (was the siding really necessary?), but you can still get the feel of it if you stare at the interior log walls. It is $110 per night, weekly rates vary.

· Civil War Veteran's 1856 Home [VRBO]

Even though it is almost winter we thought we'd throw in another ocean front property just for fun. This one, in Ocean City, is a four bed/three bath that rents for between $120 - $200 per night. The listing spends boasts (and boasts and boasts) about how perfect it is for someone who wants to fish, so bring some light tackle and a few six packs.

· Quiet bayside luxury townhouse [HomeAway]