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Bed Bugs, Towed Cars, And A Possible Security Deposit Scam

The other stories about incompetent property managers made me want to tell you mine. The first day I moved in to my old building the manager forgot to give me the parking pass so my car was towed that very night. She apologized and said she would reimburse me the cost of getting my car back. After about two weeks I didn't get the money so I went to ask her about it and she said she had to check with her boss who was out of town. In that two weeks I learned more about the building and how gross it was. I saw two people moving out who said they were leaving because of bed bugs, that the management refused to do anything about. Then I Googled the building name and saw dozens of complaints about bed bugs, but they refused to come and inspect my unit. This was when I could get the people in the office to actually respond to me. The office was usually closed by 5pm and they never responded to emails or voicemails. Whenever I would go in late to work I'd stop by the office and they'd always pretend there was some emergency that they were in the middle of dealing with. By this time I was three months into my six month lease and decided I was going to find another place to live. That's when I read the fine print about the security deposit and it said they would return it within seven weeks. After seven weeks I didn't get my check so I called and they said it was in process. I'm sure they just hope people forget about it since only three days later I finally got the money. They probably just put it in the mail the day that I called. I never got reimbursed for the tow fee.