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Welcome To Curbed's Renters Week 2011

It's here! The long-awaited, first-annual Curbed Renters Week. Where we focus on the neglected step-child of the real estate world, the people who are living in a place that is temporary but they must make their own, the thousands that are driving the local construction economy with all the new buildings being built...the many, the proud, the renters! All across our Curbed sites we'll be devoting most, but not all, of our content to what matters the most to you. Each day around 1pm EST all the sites will drop a post covering the same theme as it relates to their city, so check back to see what all of us have to say on a certain subject.

In the meantime, though, you have some work to do. Below are the three best horror stories from the submissions we received. Now we need you to vote on which one you think is the best so that person can be entered into our national competition on Friday. We've redacted the identifying characteristics of the people and places involved, but it should still be enough to give you an idea of the misery the submitters endured. UPDATE: Okay, slight change of plans. In order to keep things consistent with some of the other Curbed sites we're going to wait until Thursday to open the voting polls. That gives you enough time to submit your own horror story to our tipline and see if you can top any of the three below.