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Fifteen Mice & Getting Rained On In The Middle Of The Night

So my property 'management' company is notoriously cheap and horrible. Most of the properties owned and managed by said company are owned by one man who is 800 years old and bought a bunch of properties on Capitol Hill in the 70's and hasn't done much since then. We have caught 15 mice in 2 months because their solution is to put cotton in a few holes (we have a visible hole in our living room that faces the street that light comes in). Our air conditioning unit was held up with duct tape and was like listening to a lawn mower every night - which they didn't replace, but continued to try and have it repaired until the repair person said they didn't make parts for it since it was a 1970's model.

One night, in bed, we got rained (poured) on from a leak (hole) in our roof that the owner tried to fix himself instead of repairing it (800 year old on the roof - really?). They patched the hole...a week later, so we had to sleep on the floor in our living room for a week. Meanwhile, the water damage went all down the walls and the (lead) paint chipped off and ruined the carpet and some of our clothes. We did not have a clothes dryer for a month and had to hang dry shit all over the house. Our carpet is the crappy cheap kind that you would find in an elementary school music room and is shredding, so we have a lovely light blue spaghetti effect all over the apartment.

We live 2 blocks from the Capitol.