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Two Drunk Roommates And Their Squalor

I "lived" with two filthy drunks for about four months before I got the hell out of there. When I say "lived" with them what I really mean is I kept my stuff there while I spent as much time as possible couch surfing at friends' houses. I knew something was up the very first night they moved in when the boyfriend asked me if I would take him to the grocery store because he didn't have anything to eat and the girlfriend was still out with the car. All he bought was two six packs of beer and potato chips.

About a month after they moved in they had to call DC and get a third recycling bin because they couldn't fit all their empties in the two we already had. There were a total of six people living in the house and before they moved in the six of us would never fill the two bins we had (I'm talking the blue, upright bins that are huge, not the small box-sized ones). Even with the third bin they still had bottles left over every week.

This was not to mention the completely disgusting way they lived. They had cat whose litter box they would never empty, food crud they would leave all over the oven and countertops, and the guy would trim his beard in the bathroom and not wipe up the mess. I'd walk into the bathroom and the sink would be covered in tiny hairs. The final straw for me was when I tried to wash dishes in the kitchen and when I pumped the soap out it was thin and watery. They had diluted the dish soap to save money.