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Great Views And Amenities. But What Does It Look Like Inside?

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Okay, we understand if you don't want to show off your whole apartment. Everyone has a messy bedroom or dishes in the sink they don't feel like cleaning up. But if that is the case then uploading twenty one photos to a listing without including a single interior shot is going to make us a little suspicious. The only indoor pictures are of this building's pool and workout room. Everything else is a photo of the Southwest neighborhood where the building is located: the waterfront, the Capital Bikeshare station, the restaurants, and shots we presume are meant to suggest the views from the building (you photograph a very lovely sunset, by the way). C'mon, won't you give us a peek? For the curious: this 1 bed, 1 bath is asking $$249,900, but that's pretty much all we know about it.

· Listing: 560 N St SOUTHWEST Unit N 113 [Weichert]