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Bringing You One Step Closer To A Paperless Existence

Here's something new that will be of interest to the Foursquare users amongst us: starting today, you'll notice a new button above the Tweet and Facebook buttons just over to the right of many of our blog posts. It's the brand-spanking new Save to Foursquare Button. Think of it like Instapaper for places: you're cruising along reading this here site and come across a post describing an intriguing place. Click the Save to Foursquare button and a window will pop up confirming the place you want to add. For example, when we mention something like the National Gallery of Art's ice skating rink opening for the season you can now save the location. (We've added that as an example at right.) Then, when you're out and about, check your Foursquare to-do list on your phone and there the place will be; if you're using Foursquare's newish Radar feature, you'll even get notified when you're just around the corner from the spot. Meantime, you are following us on Foursquare, correct? If not, give that a clickthrough now to get Eater tips when you're out and about. Location-based services, people. Get on board.

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National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden

7th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington D.C.,

National Gallery of Art

Constitution Avenue Northwest, , DC 20565 (202) 737-4215 Visit Website

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

7th Street and Constitution Avenue NW