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The Treehouse Lives To See Another Day; Tackle Box Re-Opens

FALLS CHURCH—Remember the contested tree house built by a returning Iraq Veteran? The one that the BZA decided it should have had a permit, even though the owner had been told by an official he didn't need one? Well, they have ruled that the owner doesn't have to take the tree house down. [Patch]

DISTRICT—Beware the traffic closures tomorrow because of the White House Christmas tree lighting. From DDOT: "Starting at approximately 4:15 p.m. no traffic will be allowed northbound or southbound on 15th Street NW between E Street/Pennsylvania Avenue and Constitution Avenue NW or on 17th Street NW between Constitution Avenue and New York Avenue NW." [CurbedInbox]

GEORGETOWN—Tackle Box has re-opened after a fire at the next door restaurant forced it close over the summer. That restaurant, Hook, is going to become a new concept by Top Chef darling Mike Isabella. [EDC]